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I lost 20 pounds after Dr. Song’s DETOX PROGRAM and acupuncture treatment. It’s so amazing! Thanks very much. – Ki P.


I came back from a year in NY exhausted from working long hours, and heavy partying. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and lethargy, yet having trouble sleeping at night, depression, and pain and discomfort. Needless to say, I required much work.Jeremy Song worked with me over a course of 12 weeks, including weekly Acupuncture appointments, and five weeks of taking herbal medicine, to get me feeling renewed and well. He let me know from our first appointment what would be required of me, and how he planned to get me well, which prepared me for the treatment.I highly recommend seeing him if you have any physical ailments and/or discomfort, and trust him to get you well. – Yoo S.


I had some pain on my waist, so i looked up the accupuncture and found the accupuncturist Jeremy Jinho Song. He is an amazing accupuncturist! My pains were totally gone right after the first treatment. Also, It was over the business hours, but he was super kind enough to wait for me even after the business hours. I would definitely recommend him and will come back if I need another treatment. – Soo K.


Dr. Song is awesome! Hands down the best acupuncture experience. Dr. Song really helped to get my back feeling back to normal. He takes his time with his patients and does above and beyond to getting you feeling better. It is also very affordable & I will definitely be going back here from now on if I encounter any other neck/back pains. – Sheri Y.


Dr. Song is the best! It was by far the best experience I’ve ever had in town. He is very genuine and attentive, I really feel much better after each treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Song! – April O.


I was treated here twice: once for lower back pain and another time because of a muscle spasm in my back. I was treated with acupuncture. Dr. Song was very attentive and great at explaining possible reasons for my back pain. Both times, my back felt better after two sessions, which I’m so thankful. Thank you! – Esther Y. –


Had neck, shoulder and lower back pain treatment from Jeremy Song after car accident.
Very kind person, flexible schedule and excellent treatment. 
Helped me to recover from pain.   – John K. –